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What:   Panoz Track Day (
1) Download your enrollment form and send it in 2) Get hotel room 3) See ya there!

When:  November 21-23, 2003
Where: Road Atlanta (
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                Additional Information / Car Preparation
Cost: Who is going: Questions, comments, ideas? Tell us you are going so we can plan appropriately!

Name State Track Days(group) Sat Dinner
Organizer: Marshall M. MS SAT(i-a)/SUN(a-b) Yes+2
Organizer: Barry H. AL SAT Yes
Organizer: Phil P. GA Spec Yes
Larry B. MS SAT(b) Yes
Rich B. LA SAT(t)/SUN(a-b) Yes
Andi B. TX SAT(i-a)/SUN(a-a) Yes
Bruce H. Ont, CA SAT(i-a)/SUN(a-a) Yes
Ron F. GA SAT(i-a)/SUN(a-a) Yes
Greg C. Mars SAT(?) Ukn
Tom C. MA Spec Yes
Ryan Hoskins NC Spec Yes
Sam N. FL Spec Yes

The details:

The Panoz Track Days are exciting, organized and fun events that you can do with your own car. As they call it "Our tracks, your car" - it's not as expensive as going to one of their schools but it's more expensive than going to a PCA or Ferrari Driver's Education (DE) more than likely. But you do get to see some nice cars and advanced drivers rip up the front straight like it's no tomorrow (and a Honda passing a Ferrari every now and then). Track time will be around 2 hours on Saturday and 3 on Sunday.

People that have no experience will be allowed in the Touring group only - it's a lead follow type thing - but it's absolutely fun, safe and a great time to begin learning about "driving the line."

Meet Schedule
    Pre-Track Jabber: 9:00pm (lobby)

    Breakfast: 6:00am
    Gates Open: 7:00am
    Registration/Inspection: 7:15-8:15am
    Driver's Meeting: 8:30-9:00am
    Last Session Ends: 4:15pm
    Dinner: 7:00pm

    Breakfast: 6:00am
    Gates Open: 7:00am
    Registration/Inspection: 7:30-8:30am
    Driver's Meeting: 8:30-8:45am
    Last session ends: 4:55pm

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