Road Atlanta Supra Mini-Meet

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The skinny:

Be for real. Not everyone has money to spend (or waste) on expensive car parts to make their car go faster than stock, but the Supra is in it's element on a road course in literally 100% stock trim. If you have a stock MKIV Supra in good mechanical condition with decent brake pads, good street or purpose built tires and ZERO performance mods your car will be up to snuff for a day at the track. While the track looks huge on a map (it's 2.54 miles) it's not quite as technical and scary as it may seem. You will get there thinking "I need more power" ... you will leave thinking "I need more brakes."

Extra Thoughts:

Be prepared!
  Things to check before the race:
   1) Brakes in good condition, rotors in spec, decent pads, good fluid
   2) Tires have good/excellent tread wear (or DOT legal competition tires)
   3) Battery must be secured TIGHT (if it's loose they won't allow you to race)
   4) Check for any leaking fluids
   5) Check that the fluid levels are in an accepted range
   6) If you have a harness, double check it's installed correctly
   7) It may get hot, so be sure to drink plenty of Water
   If you need a helmet, there are a few places online that sell them. Such as:,, and
   You (and your passengers) will need a SNELL-95 or higher rated helmet.
A limited number of helmets are available for rent at the event.

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