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Ok - it was stock til about 40k miles.  Put on a Banks Power Powerpack Kit.

Parts included:

Electronic OttoMind Engine-calibration Module
TransCommand Transmission-Management Module
Quick-Turbo turbine housing
Bighead Wastegate actuator
Techni-Cooler Intercooler Upgrade
High-Boost Compressor Wheel
Stainless 4" Monster T.O.P.
Stainless Dynaflow Muffler
Stainless, 4" constant diameter Monster exhaust
Banks Cast Power Elbow (removes warm-up valve)
Dual A-pillar gauge pod with DynaFact EGT and Boost gauge
K&N Filter Charger (Gen II) Intake (+2 MPG w/powerpack)

About 350 HP, 700 lb/ft torque at crank, 15.5 MPG city/highway combined (calculated)

"At least it's a Turbo too!"